He Noticed A Shadow Slide Past His Hospital Bed, And Started Filming. What Did He Capture?

While you’re in a room alone, there might be a few shadows that you think you see or that are seen that might not be there during the day. Some of the shadows that are seen could be ghosts. While you’re in a hospital, death is seen on a regular basis, which means that there are possibly spirits roaming the halls.

After someone dies, family members sometimes believe that talking to them makes everything a little better. There are some who claim to have seen spirits walking around them. A picture was taken in a hospital in Honduras.

If you look at the image carefully, it appears to be someone peeking around the corner of a hallway, but there’s no one in the room or in the hall with the person who is in the hospital bed.

The patient films what looks like a person, but you can tell that the lower part of the body isn’t a full body. It’s transparent. The figure keeps coming out into the hall from a room, going back inside before making its presence known again.

Some think that the figure is a doctor who committed suicide in the hospital. Lights flicker when the figure walks past. Until the afterlife is explained, there’s no real indication as to what was seen on the video.

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