He Lost Ability to Speak After Tree Fell On Him. Years Later, While Watching TV, THIS Happened…

He Lost Ability to Speak After Tree Fell On Him. Years Later, While Watching TV, THIS Happened…

Tripp Halstead, a young boy who was severely injured when he was two years old, has recently made a miraculous milestone.

The young boy was at daycare three years ago when a tree branch fell on him and caused life-threatening injuries. The branch crushed his skull, and his recovery has not been an easy one.

The toddler wasn’t expected to survive, but has been blessed to have made miraculous strides during his journey to recovery. His mother, Stacy, regularly updates 1.2 million followers on his official Facebook page about his progress.

Just recently, she posted an update regarding an impressive milestone for Tripp. In her post, she stated that the family thought they heard him say the word “out” while crying. Then, the next day, they thought they heard him say “on” as he was watching TV.

His mother expressed an extreme amount of happiness in her post, saying she cried tears of joy the first time he spoke. She also posted a video of her son speaking for the first time since his accident.

She explained to viewers, that although the video contained footage of him saying “on” twice, as she edited it, she accidentally cut out the second time.

According to reports from Fox News, the Halsteads have been treating Tripp with mechanical oxygen therapy through the use of a hyperbaric chamber. This treatment is given to the boy for an hour each day, and it promotes growth and healing.

The treatments appear to have worked, becasue Tripp began speaking soon after starting them.

Stacy posted on Facebook that the family is only borrowing the hyperbaric chamber they have been using. They will have access to the machine for 40 days, but are hoping to raise funds in order to purchase one for Tripp’s treatment. Chambers like the one he has been using cost thousands of dollars.

Stacy's very exciting morning post; Ahhhhhhhhhhh you know yesterday we thought Tripp said "out" while he was crying in the stander. Well today he is a happy camper and I swear he said "on" for the TV. I caught it twice on video but I was trying to edit and got rid of the second time he did it. Errrrr! At least I caught it once!! I literally cried and kissed his face off the first time he did it. So happy!!!!!!

Posted by Tripp Halstead Updates on Monday, November 2, 2015

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