He Listened To A Waitress’s Private Conversation. What He Wrote On The Check Made Me Smile

There are people who sometimes give more than they should at restaurants. One customer paid close attention to what a waitress was saying, and he wrote something on the bill that left her with no words to say.

The waitress was talking about how she had received an eviction notice. She feared that she would soon lose her home, and she didn’t really have any ideas on how to find another home.

This waitress worked every week in order to try to save the money to keep her bills paid. When she left a bill for one customer, she was shocked to see how much the tip was that he left. The bill came to about $40, and the tip was $3,000. The waitress had been serving the man for about a year.

The man knew that she was a hard worker and wanted to do something special. The man felt that he did the right thing in giving her the money, and he took the idea from a project that he had learned about involving paying it forward.

The waitress has vowed that she is going to pay it forward for someone else who needs money or another service.

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