He Left A Tiny Baby Alone On The Beach. Now Watch The Left Side Of The Screen…

He Left A Tiny Baby Alone On The Beach. Now Watch The Left Side Of The Screen…

A depressing story that happens all too often took a dramatic turn. In May of 2016, a baby otter of 6 weeks was separated from his family. Unfortunately, this led the young otter to fall into a nearby canal. Facing certain death, there were not many options for the young animal – until an unlikely hero arrived.

Patrick, a retiree, saved the young otter and returned him to the family den. To Patrick’s dismay, the family had left the otter behind. The departure of his family led Patrick to come up with an alternative way to preserve the animal’s life. Fortunately, there is a multitude of organizations that take on the responsibility of caring for abandoned animals. Once he gathered himself, Patrick contacted the Wildlife Reserve in Singapore and they happily took him in.

Upon arrival, the workers decided to name the otter “ZooToby.” Unfortunately, ZooToby had become malnourished and infected by worms. After nursing him back to health, the organization began their mission of returning ZooToby to his relatives. The company put together a team of 20 individuals to accomplish this mission and successfully located ZooToby’s family.

The team had to wait until the opportune moment to release young ZooToby so his family would recognize him. The team employed a number of spotters across the coast of the otter’s habitat to find the family. At noon, the Marina Otter family was spotted moving along the coast of the island – a perfect moment to release ZooToby.

In the end, ZooToby was separated from his family for one week. We must be thankful for those who protect the wildlife and environment of the world we inhabit. Thank you to the men and women who dedicate themselves to these efforts every day.

Watch the amazing story of ZooToby in the video below.

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