He Learned That He Talks in His Sleep – So He Recorded Himself and It Was A Big Mistake

Adam Rosenberg is a filmmaker and editor. People had been telling him for years that he talked in his sleep, but he did not believe it. He decided that he was going to find out the truth for himself. Sleep talking is often referred to as somniloquy.

The causes of sleep talking are not clear. Many people believe that sleep talking is associated with dreaming, which usually occurs during REM sleep. However, it can occur at any time during sleep.

If you sleep by yourself, then sleep talking is probably not a big deal. However, if you sleep with someone, then they may find the talking annoying and disturbing. Some may find it hilarious. One night, he decided to put an audio recorder over his bed. What he caught himself saying on the audio recorder was hilarious.

One of the things that he said while he was sleeping was “No you should put the drumsticks in your mouth.” He also recorded himself saying profane words. Many people believe that what someone says in their sleep has meaning. Others believe that there is no meaning to Adam’s rambling. Adam believes the latter. He is not taking his sleep talking seriously at all.

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