He Knew His Little Boy Made A Big Oops! What He Reveals When He Turns Around? LOL

A little boy learned what it meant to have a bad hair day at a young age. His dad told him not to mess with the razor, but he decided to defy his dad and do it anyway so he took the razor and shaved his own head. The results are hilarious!

When the boy’s dad finds his son, he can’t help but laugh – though he knows that this would be a good time to teach his son a lesson about messing with things that do not belong to him.

The father made his son say that he was never going to use the razor alone again and made him say that he was sorry for using the razor. The boy seems to regret what he did, and the father recorded the incident on video, which showed how badly the boy messed up his hair.

This video has become very popular. It has received over 1.5 million views on YouTube. It has also been shared over 5,300 times on Facebook. Many people online find it difficult to believe that the boy was able to shave his own head.

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