He Knew His Garbage Man Was Like No Other. So He Setup A Hidden Camera!

A garbage man’s goal is efficiency. He is expected to zip from one house to the next, cleanly and completely emptying each home’s trash in as little time as possible. The garbage man knows that his day won’t be done until he has finished his entire route.

That’s what makes this garbage man’s daily break even more remarkable.

Every morning, a garbage man stops by a home with a golden retriever. The dog runs out to the curb as he hears the garbage truck pull up, knowing what’s about to happen.

The garbage man gets out and greets the excited pup. He doesn’t just pet him and hop back in his truck.
He takes the time to give the dog plenty of love and attention. The mutual joy between the man and the dog is uninhibited. Only after plenty of dog kisses and tail waging does the garbage man return to his route
After observing the garbage man’s morning stop, the dog’s owner decided to secretly tape the playtime. A video clearly shows the garbage man’s break and the pup’s excitement.

Upon seeing the owner, the garbage man politely and respectfully greets him. He shares how those few minutes that he takes with the dog brighten up not just the dog’s day, but his own.

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