He Just Wanted To Relax, But This Friendly Deer Won’t Let Him!

In this video, a handsome teenage boy has just laid out his beach towel beside the swimming pool of what appears to be an estate. However, the lad doesn’t get beyond sitting on the towel before he is approached from behind by a young four-point buck.

The ruminant mammal seemingly starts to snuggle up with the youth. It literally is seen rubbing its head and neck against the backside of the young man’s head and the side of his face. This particular buck still has the furry covering on its horns which was probably fortunate for the lad.

Eventually, the young man has to grab hold of the horns on the deer to prevent it from pushing the horns against his face. In part, the video is endearing because of the way this crazy young buck shares its affections like a pet cat. Still, the mammal is sufficiently strong that it can hurt the teen inadvertently or intentionally.

Quite likely, it is his mother filming the video. Her concern for the boy is evident in her voice. Put yourself in the lad’s place. It should become obvious that he was pretty brave to allow the deer to have such a close encounter with him. Bear in mind that deer are naturally skittish around human beings.

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