He Hits Record on the Camera In His Room, But When He Does This To A Dog, Amazing!

Michael Vick was an NFL quarterback who was indicted in 2007 for running and managing a dog fighting ring. The ring consisted of pitbulls who were forced to fight and risk their lives, so that people who did not care about their well being could profit from all of the gambling and drugs that were associated with this.

Hector was one of the 51 fighting dogs that was a part of this ring. When the property was raided, Hector was rescued. He was taken from that horrible environment, and he was adopted by a couple who lived in Minnesota, named Clara and Roo. In this video, rue sings Hector a lullaby, and the love between them is just so obvious. Hector is looking up at his owner with just complete love and trust.

It is absolutely heartwarming and wonderful to see this after everything that dog has been through. You would think that Hector would not be able to trust or love another human being after everything he had suffered in the dog fighting ring, but he actually became a real part of their family. As if this is not amazing enough, he actually became a certified therapy dog. He would go to different schools and help teach children how to deal with dogs.

Unfortunately, Hector passed away in October 2014, after a battle with cancer. However, he will live on gloriously forever in the hearts of his owners, as well as the many grateful people whose lives he touched.

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