He Heard His 5-Year-Old Singing So He Picks Up The Camera, And Captures This Incredible Moment

He Heard His 5-Year-Old Singing So He Picks Up The Camera, And Captures This Incredible Moment

Though she’s just five years old, adorable Grace Anna has already touched countless lives through her heartfelt musical expressions of praise and inspiration. Through the powerful medium of Facebook, her spirit and enthusiasm for life have been shared with fans all over the globe for the last several years. Her Dad captured this precious moment and it’s become an instant sensation.

Grace Anna has had to face a number of challenges during her young life. She was diagnosed with Conradi-Hunermann syndrome shortly after her birth. This rare genetic disorder can cause physical problems, but that hasn’t held little Grace Anna back from finding reasons to rejoice. Though she has endured difficult surgery after surgery, she’s kept her positive spirit that has put a smile on the faces of friends, family, and even complete strangers.

Since her condition made baby Grace Anna so delicate and fragile when she was a newborn, her parents were not able to hold her in their arms. Instead of holding her daughter physically, her devoted mother found a unique way to connect with her infant daughter through the universal language of music. Each time little Grace Anna started to cry, her mother would caress her baby girl’s soul with lullabies and inspirational tunes. Because of that early exposure to vocal music, it’s no wonder this darling little girl began lifting her voice in song when she was only fifteen months old! Ever since then, Grace Anna has found comfort and encouragement through singing sweet melodies. Her Dad decided that his little girl’s musical gift was too special for the family to keep all to themselves. So he started to make recordings of her singing her songs and sharing them with the world via the internet so others could benefit from hearing the bravery and joy that little Grace Anna expresses with her sweet little voice.

If you find this story to be both heartwarming and inspiring, you too can follow Grace Anna on her website to learn more about her life and her regular activities. Be sure and SHARE this example of her music with your friends and family to spread the word about this amazing little girl and her loving family!

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