He Had No Idea A Camera Was Pointed At Him When He Did THIS

In Canton, North Carolina, Aaron Sanders was just doing his job bagging groceries one day when a regular, an elderly woman, was getting checked out. At the time, it was raining so violently that the rain appeared to be falling sideways. Although he could have simply bagged her items and let her get on with her day, he decided to help her out.

Umbrella in hand, he walked the elderly woman to her car. Her arm wrapped around his waist in an effort to keep herself and him out of the rain. Aaron’s coworker, Violet Baiera, was so touched by the act that she took a picture with her phone and posted it to their grocery store’s Facebook page. After he’d helped place her groceries inside and helped her into her car, the umbrella turned inside out. He ended up getting soaked. It didn’t stop customers and coworkers from applauding his good deed, though. It also didn’t stop the picture from going viral.

Immediately, people shared the image and posted comments, complimenting Aaron on his act of kindness. Violet received so many notifications so quickly that her phone died within an hour. Since it was posted, the photo was by thousands of people.

In a comment of his own, Aaron thanked his own mom for raising him to be the kind young man he became.

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