He Grabbed Her By The Diaper And Threw Her Across The Yard Right In Front Of Mom…

For those who have had the privilege of rescuing a dog from an animal shelter, they understand what a rewarding experience it can be to give a rejected animal a new lease on life. Often these former pets have faced tragedies such as abandonment, neglect, and abuse. When these pets are given a loving home, plenty of nutritious food, and the proper amount of space for regular exercise, even those who have had a rough past can often thrive in their new environment.

An Australian family decided to open their hearts and home to Khan, a Doberman who had been abused by his previous owner. Since he had had such a difficult past, the mother of the family, Catherine, was committed to welcoming him into the family with open arms. However, she probably never expected anything quite like the incredible incident that took place in her yard just a few days after Khan arrived.

Just four days after picking him up from the shelter, Catherine noticed the Doberman behaving in an unusual and concerning manner with Charlotte, her 17-month-old little girl. As she glanced across the yard, Catherine saw Khan pushing Charlotte through the yard and snapping his teeth close behind her back. Before the frightened mother could reach her small daughter, Khan had actually picked the child up by the back of her diaper and tossed her into the air!

Though Catherine probably felt a wave of panic sweep over her, she soon realized that Khan’s intentions were to protect rather than to harm little Charlotte. Just after quickly moving the little one several feet out of harm’s way, Khan cried out in pain as he was bitten by a venomous king brown snake! It was then that Catherine’s fear turned to gratitude as she realized that rather than a threat, their Doberman was a life-saving hero! Not only did Khan risk his own life by taking a venomous snake bite to the paw, he bravely stood and barked at the deadly snake until it was scared into making a hasty retreat. After saving little Charlotte’s life, Khan collapsed in the yard from the effects of the powerful snake venom.

Without a moment to lose, Catherine rushed Khan to a nearby clinic that carried antivenom for king brown snake bites. When Khan awoke from his ordeal, his adoring family was there to encourage him. To this day Catherine is forever grateful that she followed her heart in giving Khan a second chance to have a happy home. She understands full well the awful tragedy that was prevented by this amazingly loyal and courageous dog.

Though Dobermans are often painted with a broad brush as “vicious” creatures who aren’t good with kids, the story of Khan’s bravery can be a testament to the tremendous courage and strength these animals can have when they’re given the love and affection they deserve. Rather than pass them by in shelters, potential dog rescuers may now want to give this noble dog breed another look. Kahn’s story is a testament that just as we can’t judge people by mere appearance, we can’t always judge dogs by their looks either! Perhaps that neglected or abused Doberman at the local animal shelter is really a heroic family dog in need of a welcoming heart and home.

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