He Gave Up His Prized Possession So He Could Marry Her Mom Then He Sees What’s Behind Her

Kristin Russell may have just won daughter-of-the-year award after the gift she got for her step-father for Father’s Day. When her step-father Dave married her mother years prior, he sold his prized possession- his 1973 Porsche 914 convertible. He sold his prized car in order to pay for the wedding to his bride. Dave said that he never regretted selling the car, although he did occasionally miss it.

Kristin said that throughout the years Dave was always there for her. Some of her very first memories are of him reading to her and playing Barbies with her. He coached the softball teams that she played on and showed up to all of her karate tournaments.

She knew that she wanted to do something big to repay him for all the wonderful years that he had given her. Kristin spent two years saving up the money, but once she had enough she began to look for the same exact 1973 Porsche 914 convertible to replace the once that Dave gave up to join her family.

Living in California, she located one in Arizona. She traveled to pick it up, then made arrangements to get it to her parents home in Philadelphia in time for Father’s Day so she could surprise Dave.

She calls Dave outside to the driveway where he admires the car and asks her who it belongs to. When he finds out its his, hes stunned but only for a moment before he hops in and revs it down the road for a spin.

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