He Finally Meets His Biological Family Only to Realize One Has A Familiar Face

Some people who have been adopted may not have the opportunity to meet their birth parents or siblings during their lifetime. However, this great opportunity came for one man living in Bond Hill, Ohio. Adopted into a loving family as an infant by Eloise Allen and her husband, Robert Allen, Jr, has the best of both worlds. Mr. Allen recently met his siblings after posting a heartfelt plea on Facebook indicating that he was searching for his family.

Mr. Allen’s lucky day came sooner than he anticipated. He received a reply from one of his sisters before the night ended. A meeting with his siblings, adopted mother, and himself was soon scheduled in Springfield, Ohio. However, the happy news doesn’t end there.

Mr. Allen’s family was closer than he thought. One of Mr. Allen’s sisters indicated that she saw him previously at his business which was down the street from where she lived when she was there with her mother.

Despite the anticipation, Mr. Allen unfortunately did not have the opportunity to meet his birth mother because she passed away. However, when Mr. Allen’s oldest brother who lives in Jacksonville, Florida heard the exciting news, he felt an urgent need to meet his brother and arrived in Ohio shortly thereafter. As the youngest of four siblings, Mr. Allen has more support and love he can count on when he needs it. This story shows how families can still be reunited even if it’s been four decades.

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