He Demands His Wife Bury Him With His Fortune – But She Had A Much Different Plan…

He Demands His Wife Bury Him With His Fortune – But She Had A Much Different Plan…

Some people are just way too much in love with their money. So much so, they place more value on it than anything and anyone else in their lives, including family. So then, what happens when a man who loves his money so much he wants to take it all with him to the grave? Well, here is a story about a widow whose money-loving husband made her promise him, as his dying wish, that she would bury him with all of his money, and her cagey solution:

Anyone couple who has been married for many years knows relationships have some pretty serious ups and downs. A big part of staying together involves being committed enough to stick with each other, even through the bad times, as in the dubious case of Martha and Frank who stayed together for more than 60 years.

Relationship can turn highly toxic when negative qualities, such as greed, begin to take hold. Over the years, Albert had became a very wealthy man, but he was so greedy he steadfastly refused to let his wife Martha share in his fortune.

Shamefully, before he died, Albert made Martha promise she would bury him with all of his wealth. Albert was so greedy that he couldn’t imagine parting with his money, even after he died. Being the honorable woman she was, the man’s wife wanted to make good on her promise, but also wanted to find a way around the ridiculousness of his request. However, when Albert did die Martha had come up with a clever, not to mention hilarious, solution to have Albert’s cake and eat it to.

Albert was a true cheapskate when it came to his money, a man who had worked hard and saved all his money his entire life. He loved his money more than anything, and just before he passed way he told his wife, “Now listen Martha, I want to take all my money with me to the after life, so when I’m gone I want you to put all my money in the casket with me.”

After some discussion, Martha finally agreed and promised Albert that when he did die she would bury him with all his beloved money. After Albert passed away, standing with her family and friends at her husbands funeral, just as the morticians were getting ready to close the casket, Martha said, “Wait a minute.” Martha walked over to the casket and place a box next to her husband. Then the casket was closed and rolled away. Here is where the story gets really interesting, and how a clever wife found a loophole to her promise to honor her stingy husband’s dying wish.

“One of Martha’s friend said, “I really hope you weren’t foolish enough to bury all that money with that stingy old man.”

Martha said, “Yes, I promised I would, and I am a good Christian and I couldn’t break my promise to him, that I would put all his money in the casket with him.”

Martha’s friend asked, “Do you mean to tell me you put all of your husband’s money in his casket with him?”

“Yes, I surely did,” said Martha. “I got all his money together, deposited it all into my bank account and then I wrote him a check for the full amount.”

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