He Decided To Rescue A Dog That Has Been Chained Up For 14 Years. And Now He Received A Great Gift

When Talk it Up TV in Seattle held a contest in 2012 where the winner would be chosen by votes from the audience, friends and family of Thayne Hamilton encouraged him to enter for a chance to win the $1,000 prize. So he did and when his story was read by the TV station, there was no doubt he would be chosen by viewers as the winner.

Together with his wife Christine, Thayne loved dogs so much that he took in over 20 rescue dogs in his home during the past decade. Their home would become known as the Grey Muzzle Rescue, which took in senior dogs that nobody wanted after suffering from horrible neglect and abuse. Few people are interested in adopting older dogs, so they would most likely be put down if sent to local shelters.

Things got extremely hard for the family when Christine was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Instead of opting for expensive hospital treatments that would have prolonged her life, she decided that it would be more important for them to keep their home for the dogs. Thayne decided to honor his wife’s wish and kept carting for the rescue dogs out of his own pocket.

A video shows the Grey Muzzle Rescue being visited by Talk it Up TV and Thayne being extremely happy to receive the $1,000 prize. Many viewers have reported being extremely touched by this family’s sacrifice and commitment to helping out dogs that endured a lifetime of abuse.

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