He Covers His Copper Pot In A Ton Of Salt And I Was Confused. But When He Shows Me Why? WOW!

Cleaning pots can sometimes be a chore. There could be leftover food on the bottom of the pot that just doesn’t seem to want to come clean. One man devised a plan for cleaning his pots that has left many people he knows stunned. They are trying this fantastic cleaning trick so that they can clean their pots in the same manner.

This is a cleaning technique that works well on older items, especially those that are made of brass. There is a shine that is brought out on the metal after the pots are cleaned that you just can’t see with traditional dish soap and water.

Only one ingredient is used in the cleaning process, and it’s something that many people already have in the home. Put the dirty pots in the sink one at a time. Sprinkle table salt on the pot.

This will clean off the tarnish that might be on the pot. Pour vinegar on the pot after about 15 minutes. The salt will begin to remove the tarnish in only a few minutes with the vinegar working with the salt to make it easier to clean the pots. Rub the pots with a sponge.

Add some more salt to help in the removal process. Rinse with water, and you will have a beautiful pot or pan after you are done cleaning.

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