He Connects A $2 Pool Noodle To His Bathroom Sink. And The Result Is GENIUS!

Sometimes it is the most simplistic designs that become the most useful. In this YouTube video, The Crazy Russian Hacker demonstrates the many crafty ways a $2 foam pool noodle can help you around the house.

For instance, filling a bucket in the bathroom sink can be almost impossible. You may get the bucket into the sink and fill it, but try pulling it out without spilling the water back in the sink or on you. The Crazy Russian Hacker shows you how to easily attach one end of a pool noodle to the faucet and to place the other end in the bucket on the floor. Then just turn on the water. The stream flows down into the bucket, filling it up without any mess or lost water.

The Crazy Russian Hacker reveals 13 ingenious pool noodle hacks. Below are just a few of my favorites.

Doggie Door Stop – Keep your furry companion from locking himself in the bathroom by using a noodle as a door stop. If the door is not opened wide enough, Fido’s lack of fingers to pull the door open may not allow for an easy exit. Take a noodle and cut about a foot off of it. Slice it down one side and insert it onto the door. It will keep the door from closing completely and locking your dog in. There will also be enough space between the door and the jamb to allow your dog to use his nose to open it all of the way.

A Safer Kiddie Pool – Hard plastic kiddie pools are a small and convenient way to keep the kids cool all summer long. However, the edges can be rough and scratch delicate arms and legs when getting in and out. You will need at least two full size noodles and probably half of a third noodle. Slice them down one side and place them around the rim of the pool. Continue this until the entire rim is covered. Duct tape the seams together so they remain secure. No more worrying about the little ones getting injured while enjoying all day fun in the sun.

Protect Stubbed Toes – Anyone who has had a metal bed frame on wheels has probably stubbed their toe running into it more than once. This is a pain that can take down a full grown man. The Crazy Russian Hacker explains how to solve this problem. Cut a piece of noodle the length of the wheel base and slice it down one side. Simply slide it around the base to create foam padding. All toes are now forever protected.

Safety First – Protect and safely store hand saws when not in use. Cut a noodle the length of each saw and make an incision down one side. Place the blade side of the saw into the incision. It is now free from injuring anyone when stored away.

These are only a few of the resourceful ways a pool noodle can be used around your house. Watch The Crazy Russian Hacker for the other ideas he has come up with or to get inspiration to create some of your own pool noodle hacks.

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