He Comes Home To a Disaster! And The Furry Culprit, Is Caught Red-Handed… Or Green-Faced

It isn’t easy for a puppy to be home alone all day. Some dogs beat boredom by chewing on shoes, shredding cushions, and digging up dirty laundry. This particular white poodle took a novel approach to the doldrums. When his owner came home, the man was puzzled by the remains of his puppy’s pastime.

First, he saw the beige carpet stained with green splotches. Then he came upon red and white packaging and a smudged green tube. Following the paper trail, he made his way through the living room. Among the scraps were two more white tubes. What on earth had this little guy been doing? Curled up innocently on a large white chair, the poodle greeted his owner with a wagging tail. His paws and face were a bright green mess!

This pooch had artistic talent waiting to be expressed. Unable to sniff out any paint around the house, he’d scouted the kitchen cupboards. “Ah, this will do,” he’d mused delightedly. Wriggling with excitement, he snatched up his find. This enterprising pup had found green food dye! Pleased as punch with his masterful artwork, the dog was confused by his owner’s expression.

He looked up at the man with puppy dog eyes. The angelic tactic worked its magic. His owner couldn’t help but burst into laughter. A good day’s work was done!

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