He Cheats On His Wife Of 37 Years … But She Just Got The Best Revenge Ever. This Is Gold:

He Cheats On His Wife Of 37 Years … But She Just Got The Best Revenge Ever. This Is Gold:

People take great offense when others treat them like they were disposal. When a couple gets a divorce because of infidelity, one side is certainly going to be aggrieved. This is what happened to Edith. Married for 37 years, her husband informs her out of the blue that their union will be ending. It takes two to make a relationship work but only one to wreck it. Conceding to the inevitable, she starts coping with reality when the final slap was delivered.

Her husband goes by the name of Jack. Entering into a new phase of his life, it was surprising to Edith when she heard his intentions to keep their multi-million dollar home. The woman who wedged her way in between them wanted it and Jack desired to make her happy. Lawyers got involved and the man’s was a little better. Judgment came down and she had to move out in a scant three days. Not a long time but enough for a plan to hatch to extract some justice.

Fearing she might lose what she left behind, Edith took the entire first day to pack. She got the movers to come and transport her things to her new residence. On the third day, she could finally exhale. She kicked back one last time, played some music, and had a feast. Shrimp, caviar, and some Chardonnay to wash it all down. She savored every morsel when a plan started to hatch. Unwanted Guest Life did not prove to be happily ever after for Jack and the new love in his life. They moved in and for the first week everything went well. Coming home after that, they were greeted by something subtle that would increase in strength over time. A slight lingering odor started to take effect all through the house. Each day it got to be worse. Fast forward a bit to see the subtle twitching each time either entered their house. A smell became a stench that soon overpowered everything. Almost all methods to combat this were enlisted even to replacing the very expensive wool carpeting. In a panic, they wanted out and put the house up for sale.

Here is where the husband tried to pull one last fast one over on his ex. Jack had to please the new lady in his life and took out a huge loan to get a new house. Knowing that Edith called from time to time because the divorce was still being hammered out, he downplayed the odor problems to her. Hearing that the house would be abandoned, she relayed to her ex that it would break her heart to see the house go to complete strangers. Here is where Jack graciously offered to sell it to her at a discount. He was offering 1/10 of the asking price but was very insistent that the papers had to be signed that day. Edith agreed and the transaction took place. Jack took everything he could out of the house before giving the keys to Edith. After he left, she entered the house and was greeted by that stench. However, a smile suddenly crept along her face.

One does get to know how a person thinks after 37 years of marriage. He took everything out of the house that he could including the curtain rods. The same rods that held the shells and leftover caviar from that feast a while back. That carefully hidden but festering odor would greet him and his lover upon installation into their new house and haunt them forever.

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