He Catches This Cat Stealing HIS Pizza. What The Cat Does Next Will Have You In Stitches

If you did not know this before, it is interesting to know that cats actually love pizza. It is no secret that humans love pizza, as it is one of the most popular foods all over the world. However, cats love it too, which makes sense because they love dairy products so much. It is important for cat owners to limit dairy intake for their cats, because they are not able to digest the majority of lactose that they eat.

Cats are pretty famous for being able to sneak up on people quietly and having a stealthy quality. However, the ones in this video are even more talented in this aspect than the rest of them.

At the start of the video, all that can be seen is the cat’s paw. The cat is hiding behind the computer, and uses only its paw to pull an entire slice of pizza behind the computer with it. It is then shown dragging the pizza off of the table and running with it all through the house. The owner catches the cat with a little bit of pizza hanging out of its mouth, and this is the point when another cat in the house is reaching up and trying to grab a slice.

Repeatedly, these cats are shown trying to sneakily grab pizza away from their owner with their paws. This is so funny to watch, and it shows just how clever and crafty some cats can be, especially when they want food.

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