He Can’t Roll His Wheelchair Up Steps, But When He Hits A Button His Chair Does It For Him!

A new invention is making life a lot easier for people in wheelchairs. The new invention is called the Scalevo. It works with the touch of a button, and it allows people to climb the stairs. It keeps the person level while he or she goes up the stairs.

The ADA requires that buildings be accessible for people who are in wheelchairs. However, that is not always the case. The Scalevo makes it easier for people to get around even in buildings that are not considered wheelchair accessible.

The Scalevo works by using a set of tank-like tracks. Many people are calling it the future of wheelchairs. The Scalevo started off as a student project. The students are currently making improvements on it. For example, they are trying to make changes so that the wheelchair is able to travel up the steps at faster speed. Many people who are wheelchair bound are looking forward to the changes in the Scalevo.

Some people have stated that this is one of the greatest inventions that they have seen in a long time. It just shows that there are everyday people out there who are working hard to solve problems and make life more convenient for other people.

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