He Asks His Toddler To Say Happy Birthday To Mom. What She Did Instead? AWW!

Every birthday should be sentimental and have meaning. This story is perhaps among the most touching of all. One loving father decided to make a beautiful birthday video of his 2-year-old daughter Claire greeting his wife. Her language is as expressive as it is precious. To start off, she tells her mother “Happy birthday!” Next, this is followed up a profession of love for her and four reasons she has for loving her. Here are her reasons:

  1. You are beautiful.
  2. You are amazing.
  3. You’re the best mommy ever.
  4. You’re the best cook.

She then continued to say how she loved being with her mother, and how she works so hard to care for her. The most heart-touching part is when she got emotional and said “And I miss you when you’re gone.”

To hear such words coming from mouth of a 2-year-old child is enough to bring tears to a glass eye. She ends her video with a cheerful rendition of the “happy birthday” song and a sweet kiss. It is quite likely the cutest thing her mother would ever behold.

Watch this precious little girl admire the things her mother does, the way she looks, and how she feels when her mother is absent. You will likely agree that these are the types of moments that stay with a person forever.

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