He Asks His Daughter To Sing Famous Song On Camera – He Never Expected THIS Kind Of Response!

Most parents keep family videos of cute or important moments in their kids’ lives, but not many parents experience their family videos going viral on the Internet. When 23-month-old Josie’s dad, Eric, asked her to sing the nursery rhyme “Old MacDonald,” he probably didn’t expect her performance to be quite so entertaining.

Josie held onto an animal toy that showed the paws of several different animals. She used this for inspiration for the lyrics to her “Old MacDonald” rendition. As she looks at one pink paw, she has a hard time figuring out which animal it’s supposed to be. She sings, “On the farm, he had a… pink… pink.” Then, she enthusiastically continues on with the song. She goes through several more animals during the song, including dogs and ducks.

In the title of the video, Eric encouraged the viewers to watch until the “big finish.” When she got to the end of the song, she included a loud grand finale and exclaimed, “Yay!” Her dad laughed and told her she did a good job.

Eric posted the video to YouTube in April 2014. Since then, the video has received more than 8.5 million views and 600 comments. Hundreds of people have commented about how adorable Josie is, and many people have shared their own cute stories about their kids. Josie seems to love singing, and she really hams it up for the camera.

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