He Asked Lonely Kid To Play, But The Boy Hasn’t A Clue That He’s A Famous Athlete

Robbie McNulty, who is a 14-year-old high school student, was playing basketball by himself when he was approached by a famous basketball player. At first, Robbie did not notice a famous basketball player was walking towards him.

However, when the player got closer, he realized that it was Isaiah Thomas, who plays for the Boston Celtics. Robbie stated that he was speechless and did not know what to say. He said that he dribbled the ball for five seconds before he even said anything.

Isaiah asked Robbie if he could join him. Robbie happily said yes. Isaiah’s son was in school, and he was killing time until school was dismissed. Robbie told this story on “Good Morning America,” but that was not the only surprise that he received. Isaiah invited Robbie to attend one of his games. Robbie could not believe it.

It is nice to celebrities who are very down-to-earth and do not mind helping people. Isaiah made a difference in Robbie’s life just by playing a few hoops with him. The story has gone viral on social media. It has been liked over 7.8 million times. It has also been viewed over 5,800 times on YouTube. Many people are touched by the video.

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