Grow a Full Lemon Tree From Seed Easily At Your Own Home – Here’s How!

Lemons and other citrus fruits are full of vitamins and other nutrients. Fresh lemons are great to have on hand, especially during the summer, as lemon juice is an important ingredient in many foods and drinks. The best way to keep a steady supply of lemons is to grow your own lemon tree, but taking care of a tree can be difficult work, and many people don’t live in the appropriate climate for lemons to grow.

However, with a few supplies, you can grow a lemon tree inside your own home. All you need is one organic lemon, fertile potting soil, a six-inch wide and six-inch deep planting pot, and a 24-inch wide and 12-inch deep seedling pot.

First, slightly moisten the potting soil and fill the planting pot. Remove one seed from your lemon, making sure to get rid of any pulp stuck to it. Plant it immediately about half an inch deep, and spray the soil with water. Then, cover the planting pot with plastic wrap and place a rubber band around the edge. Poke a few holes in the top of the plastic wrap.

Over the next two weeks, keep the pot in a sunny and warm area in your home. Spray it with water occasionally. Soon, the plant should sprout, and you can take the plastic wrap off. The tree will grow over time if you keep the soil damp and keep it in sunlight for at least eight hours every day. You can also occasionally give the tree organic fertilizer to help it grow. Make sure no bugs attack the tree, and prune off any dead leaves you see.

The tree will eventually outgrow the planting pot. When this happens, place it in the seedling pot and continue to take care of it in the same way. Your tree will soon begin growing lemons, which usually take between six and nine months to ripen. Once the tree is full-grown, you’ll have a source of fresh lemons right in your own home.

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