Grizzly Bear Climbs Pool Ladder And Does Hilarious Faux Pas!

Amateur video captured an enormous grizzly bear having a great time recently. The bear wasn’t in the forest or on a mountain. Rather, he was in what looks like a typical suburban yard, and he wasn’t climbing a tree. Instead, he was climbing a ladder on the side of a swimming pool. That’s correct – a swimming pool.

The bear climbed the ladder in a highly graceful manner, especially considering his bulk, and then belly-flopped into the the water, which was in a small, circular pool ideal for single family use. After frolicking around a bit and playing with a floating toy, the bear climbed easily out of the pool, shook the water out of his fur like a dog and headed back to the ladder to repeat the process.

The incident shows what great swimmers bears are, and it also shows how intelligent they are when it comes to teaching themselves new skills because climbing a swimming pool ladder isn’t something that they’re likely to do in their natural habitat.

More than anything, I think that this footage demonstrates how similar bears are to humans. This bear is enjoying himself in the pool in a manner that’s no different from how a person would, and it’s delightful to watch him do so.

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