Great Dane Runs Majestically Besdide the Bicycle… But Watch What Happens Next!

It is said that dogs are man’s best friend. Luther, the Great Dane, proves the stereotype in the presence of his owner.

Luther loves being close to his owner, who enjoys bicycling. The sweet pooch often accompanies his human for miles. The pair often travels through the streets, grass, and beaten paths. The long distance can sometimes be hard on Luther, particularly in the heat of the summer. Luther’s owner has his best friend in mind, however, as evidenced in this heartwarming video.

The Great Dane’s owner attached a padded cart to the bicycle. Whenever Luther is tired of walking, he alerts his owner. The man then stops peddling and allows Luther to climb into the cart, and they carry on their journey. Luther’s owner is all smiles and more than happy to oblige for man’s best friend.

When Luther is tired of being in the passenger seat, his owner once again steps peddling. The dog hobbles out of the cart and begins trotting alongside the bicycle as it cruises along. Luther and his owner share a bond that only other pet owners or animal lovers could understand.

Do you make special accommodations include your furbabies into your fitness or travel routines?

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