Grandson Reveals His Prom Date – But When Grandma Sees Who It Is, She Tries To Put A Stop To It…

Prom is a very special time of year for many high school students. It marks a turning point in life where children begin to become adults. Most of these young people are focused on looking better than certain people, bringing the right date, or attending the best after prom parties, one Crothersville High School student proves his true maturity.

When Drew Holm remarked to his great-grandmother, 93 year old Kathryn Keith that he was not planning on going to prom because he did not have a date, she couldn’t allow him to miss out on this important event. Kathryn jokingly offered to go with him to prom, but much to her surprise, Drew gladly accepted the offer. When Kathryn explained that she was only joking and was sure he could find a more suitable date, Drew quickly stated that there was no one better that he would want to take to his prom.

Despite a strict “no one over 21 allowed” rule for attending the prom, school officials were happy to allow Drew to bend the rule and bring Kathryn. Once the big night came, Drew and his great-grandmother were dressed to the nines and ready for a wonderful evening. In a world where young people don’t always recognize the value and wisdom of their elders, Drew Holm can think of no one better with which to share such an important milestone in his life. This is a truly mature young man that is wise beyond his years.

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