Grandma’s Cooking Dinner When Her Favorite Dope Jam Comes On – She Has Crazy Moves!

When people go to a Japanese restaurant to experience the teppanyaki room, they are usually going for the experience of watching a master Japanese Chef work his magic over the grill while he prepares their meal. They delight as his hands and knives are flying about with precision while he carves his way through the meat and vegetables like a ninja. At the conclusion of his cooking performance, a round of applause leads to eating a delicious meal.

Well, these master chefs have nothing on this ordinary Grandma who may be on to the newest in food entertainment. Grandma was busy cooking the family’s dinner when someone in the house put on Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby.” As we all know, this song just gets the body moving and this Grandma are started busting out some pretty sweet moves. With the video-cam at the ready for Grandma’s reaction, no one could have expected what transpired next.

Without missing a beat, this young-in-spirit woman is able to continue cooking the meal as she glides across the floor in perfect synchronicity with the music and beat while her cute little dog watches in total amazement. The highlight of this dancing extravaganza comes when Granny kicks off her shoes for a little bit more glide and turns into a modern day Tony Manero in “Saturday Night Fever.”

At one point towards the end of her unsolicited performance, the doggie gets in on the action as Grandma sweeps it up in her arms and takes it for a spin or two around the makeshift dance floor. In the end, she may have inspired a whole new generation of dancing Grannies to come together and open a new chain of restaurants. Surely, folks would be lined up out the door to watch a 70-something Grandma entertain like this while cooking a delicious home-style meal. They could call the chain “Flash-Dancing Grannies.” This is one of those precious moments in time when video-cams pay for themselves and then some.

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