Grandma Dies With A Hidden Secret – Then Mom And Dad See THIS In The Delivery Room…

Grandma Dies With A Hidden Secret – Then Mom And Dad See THIS In The Delivery Room…

Katrina and Danny, a coupled from the United Kingdom, were elated when they found out that they were pregnant with a son, due in May of 2016. Unfortunately, around the same time that she learned about her pregnancy, Katrina also learned that her mother had been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and would not be able to see the birth of her grandson. Devastated by this shocking news, Katrina racked her mind about how she could have her mother be present in some way when her son was born.

Finally, Katrina had a perfect idea. She decided that her mother should choose her unborn son’s name. The name would be kept a secret until the baby boy was delivered. Just before passing away six months before the birth, Katrina’s mother chose a name for her new grandson and gave it to Katrina’s sister Sarah. Sarah was tasked with keeping the secret until the day of the delivery.

After six months of keeping the secret, the day of the delivery finally came. On Friday, May 13th, Katrina gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, surrounded by her husband, sister, and other family members. Her room was also decorated with photos and possessions of her mother. After the baby was cleaned and weighed, it was time for the reveal.

Luckily for Katrina, Sarah, and her husband are video bloggers, operating under the name Ingham Family of Five. They were able to capture the heartfelt moment with Katrina and Danny opened a box to find a onesie with the name “Harrison” sewed onto the back. The video showcases the love and elation of the family, as they welcome baby Harrison into the world and honor their beloved mother. Watch the entire video (with a box of tissues) on Chris and Sarah’s Youtube channel.

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