Governor In Kansas Is Forcing Disabled People To Stop Using Medicaid

Governor In Kansas Is Forcing Disabled People To Stop Using Medicaid

The Governor of Kansas, Sam Brownback, has decided that Kansas residents with disabilities need to be taken off Medicaid. Losing a life sustaining service is something disabled people didn’t see coming, especially since Brownback promised to rejuvenate the economy of Kansas by slashing the income tax rate, not Medicaid.

The disabled population of Kansas are being devastated by these latest cuts. Sine Brownback was signed into office, he has already forced over 1,400 disabled Kansans off of Medicaid. he is the first governor to officially privatize Medicaid, claiming this move would save the residents of the state in excess of a billion dollars.

Many of the services that the disabled of this state are using are not optional, they are life sustaining services that can not be cut back like the governor suggests. Many disabled Kansans are being asked to cut back 75% of the services they need to provide a better way of life. These needs are human needs, not some option that the disabled are abusing.

The governor has placed tax cuts above the basic needs of those who need these services the most. Brownback believes that in order to avoid the state of Kansas falling deeper into debt, reducing the services to the disabled will provide the biggest chunk of change in helping with the relief. Basically, what Brownback is asking of all those in the state with a disability is to limit the use of these services from four hours to one hour.

How is it possible to turn off needed oxygen for three hours? Many disabled will not be able to survive without those services.

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