GOP Senator Lindsey Graham Vows To Follow THIS Leader Instead Of Obama. MORON!

GOP Senator Lindsey Graham Vows To Follow THIS Leader Instead Of Obama. MORON!

President Obama was lawfully elected by the voters of the United States. As a democracy, the elected members of Congress should be loyal to our chosen leader, even if members of Congress hold different political stances. A member of Congress who openly professes allegiance to a foreign leader is an abomination.

The South Carolina Senator, Lindsey Graham is pledging his allegiance and that of his Republican consorts to the leader of Israel in open defiance to our duly elected president. While visiting Jerusalem, Senator Graham declared he and his Republican led Congress would follow the preferred foreign policies of Israeli President, Benjamin Netanyahu and not those of President Obama. Senator Graham even went as far as an unprecedented threat to the United Nations, expressing “violent backlash” against the peace oriented union for any efforts made to affect a Palestinian State.

What Senator Lindsey Graham, is suggesting is not only a blatant disregard for our democracy, but also unyielding support for a foreign leader whose sole purpose has been genocide of the Palestinians, which has been the hallmark of Netanyahu’s leadership. His stance is dangerous to all the men and women serving in our military because only Congress has the power to declare war, not the President. Senator Graham’s words are shockingly close to treason, and even more dangerous is the fact the senator is a contender to run for president in the next United States election.

American foreign policy is headed by the President of the United States and not by the Israeli president. If a Democrat had opposed a republican president in a similar fashion, the Republicans would create a blood bath for the Democratic party. This is disloyalty at the highest to our President and the American people, who expect their elected leaders to be loyal to the United States.

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