Glenn Beck Admits He Might Be Voting For Hillary Clinton

The continuing troubles that continue to take place in connection with the presidential campaign of Republican nominee Donald Trump began to increase even more on October 7. That was when a 2005 video was released in which Trump was heard making lewd remarks about women that seemingly condoned sexual assault against women.

That led countless Republicans to either criticize the remarks or renounce their support of Trump in his race against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. While few, if any, of those politicians indicated that they would be voting for Clinton to protest such comments, media personality Glenn Beck reportedly noted that he might just cast a ballot in Clinton’s favor.

Noting that opposing Trump was a choice that could be considered moral and ethical for any Republican voter, Beck acknowledged doing so would ensure Clinton’s election. However, putting together opposition to Clinton’s policies through a variety of tactics would ensure that they would be difficult to implement.

Some media outlets chose to interpret Beck’s remarks as a clear indication of his intentions. In truth, he only indicated that the thought had crossed his mind and never actually indicated a preference for Clinton. In conjunction with that consideration, he noted that he believes that Trump is mentally unstable, which could have dire ramifications for the country.

Beck has repeatedly attacked the positions of Trump, beginning before the businessman even clinched the nomination. While Beck declares that he’s a libertarian, his support almost always goes to Republican candidates, with Ted Cruz the candidate that Beck supported during the primary campaign.

The reason that the possibility of Beck voting for Clinton sounds so outrageous is that he has spent much of the last decade telling those who were watching him or listening to his radio show about conspiracy theories involving Clinton. Within the past few years, those theories have been discussed on his various media platforms,

In September 2014, Beck actually predicted that Clinton would win the 2016 election based on the fact that her husband’s two terms during the 1990’s were so successful from an economic standpoint. In contrast, Republicans were too focused on issues like the four deaths of American personnel in 2012 at the American Embassy in Benghazi, Libya.

Two months later, Beck then invoked the name of billionaire George Soros while discussing an alleged theory about how Soros, Clinton and President Obama plotted to set the stage for Clinton’s election. Soros has been a perpetual foil for Beck, who has accused the billionaire of countless offenses, including helping the Nazis during World War II.

Finally, Beck indicated last December that Trump’s surging candidacy was actually a plot to get Clinton elected. This came in the wake of criticism of Trump’s ridicule of a disabled reporter, with Beck claiming that such actions made no sense and that the two candidates had made a private agreement to swing the election.

The latter comments came just three months after Beck had claimed that “big business” was throwing its support to Trump in an effort to eliminate the insurgent Tea Party. Beck had previously shown strong support for the principles of the Tea Party, which he stated believes in small government and personal freedom.

Later clarifying his comments about the upcoming election, Beck indicated that his vote would actually go to the Constitution party nominee, Darrell Castle, a 68-year-old former Marine. Like Beck, Castle’s libertarian roots are primarily rooted in Republican principles, with one of the central components of his campaign being the removal of the United States from the United Nations.

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