Girl Notices Something Odd About Other Track Athlete – What She Discovers Changes Her Life

Thy are a terrible sign according to legend. If you see yours, your luck is about to turn foul. The dreaded doppelgänger, a forbearer of ill omen, an apparition or an actual human double who looks exactly like you. One woman (or is it two?) found her doppelgäTeenager Notices Something Strange Aboutnger in the Washington, D.Cand she discovered something shocking.

Back in 2013, 17 year-old junior Jordan Dickerson of Wilson High School and 18 year-old senior Robin Jeter of Friendship Collegiate were both competing at a local track meet when they noticed each other and realized their uncanny physical resemblance. The two girls approached their lookalikes. Suddenly Dickenson put together what she’d discovered: she’d been adopted as a young girl… This was no apparition of bad luck, it was in fact her blood sister – her twin!

The introduction turned into a tearful reunion. After recovering from the shock of such a revelation, the two girls became the sisters fate had meant for them to be. They have been making up for lost time since then and finding out just how much they have in common.

On a recent edition of VH-1’s “Swab Stories,” Jordan and Robin submitted to DNA testing just to confirm what they were already sure of. Not surprisingly, they were indeed biological sisters, brought together by good fortune.

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