Furniture Commercial Is TOO HOT For American Television … You’ll Laugh So Hard You’ll Cry!

Some teenagers can’t wait to move out of their parents’ homes. They fantasize about leaving as soon as they turn 18 or graduate from high school. Other teens, though, can imagine themselves staying at home for a few years to save on housing costs while they go to college or to take some time to figure out their plan for the future.

All parents have different opinions on their kids moving out, too. Some parents dread the day their child moves out, and they try to think of any excuse to convince them to stay. Other parents can’t wait for all their kids to be gone. They encourage their children to move out as quickly as possible so that they can have the house to themselves again.

A hilarious but somewhat disturbing IKEA commercial shows two parents who seem to desperately want their kids to move out. The Norwegian commercial begins innocently enough, but by the end, you’ll probably want to laugh and cringe at the situation at the same time.

At the beginning of the commercial, Mom comes home and hangs up her jacket. The situation starts getting strange when she grabs a pitchfork from her closet and puts on a baseball cap. Then, she takes off her robe and reveals that she’s wearing lingerie. She turns on some country rodeo music and starts whistling as if she’s trying to call an animal.

Things get even weirder when Dad pops up from behind the couch wearing nothing but underwear and a pig mask. He snorts and oinks like a pig as Mom chases him around the house. Their fun quickly comes to an end, though, when they look up to see their daughter and her boyfriend staring at them with a look of horror. They share a long moment of awkward silence before Mom chuckles uncomfortably.

The commercial ends with a Norwegian caption on the screen that roughly translates to, “Time to move out?” If anything would convince someone to move out of their parents’ house, it’s probably a situation like this. Maybe Mom and Dad were just trying to scare their daughter into moving out, or maybe this strange behavior is what they actually like to do in their spare time.

Although this commercial is very strange and slightly uncomfortable, it does send an effective message encouraging young adults to move away from home. Many people have left comments on the video saying that if they saw their parents doing something like this, they’d be out by the morning.

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