Frustrated Obama Blasts Congress In Wake Of Oregon Tragedy: America Needs Gun Control Reform!

President Obama has been given press conferences in response to the school shooting in Oregon. The severity of the event is just one more example for the United States to rethink gun control laws. Tragic events like these demand action, and the answer is not adding more guns to the equation.

Obama targeted our stalemated Congress and blasted several representatives for failing the people of these great United States because of foolhardy gun laws. The Commander in Chief expressed genuine frustration during his meetings with the press, understandably. This violent phenomena is certainly one worth being angry over.

The lack of concern many leaders in Congress how easy it is for anyone to obtain military grade firearms and ammunition… For what? Hunting? A hobby? There needs to be some kind of plan in place, but Congress doesn’t seem like their going to get on board with any type of reform.

These mass murder events are becoming more and more frequent here in America. It’s a trend among the psychopathic in this country. And there is a simple, effective way to mitigate the problem significantly: reform the American gun control police. That IS NOT to say, disarm the American people. Only to suggest that it is time we create some realistic, modern rules to protect our ow skin.

In the video below President Obama touches on much of this. Check it out! Let us know how you feel about it.

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