Friends Purchased This Couch For $20, But Were Stunned To Find This Inside!

Three roommates living in New Paltz, New York were shocked to find what was inside a used couch they had purchased for $20 from the Salvation Army: $41,000 in cash that had been left by the previous owner, a 90-year-old widow.

The three individuals: Cally Guasti, Reese Werkhoven and Lara Russo, all noticed that the couch seemed lumpy when it was purchased. Eventually, Werkhoven decided to investigate by opening up a zipper on an arm of the couch. There, she saw an envelope, and when it was opened, there was $4,000 inside. Subsequently, the trio found more envelopes inside, each containing approximately the same amount, with the bills bubble-wrapped to presumably protect them.

At first, the trio though about all of the things that they might purchase with the money, but eventually, they found a deposit slip with the elderly woman’s name on it. Then, with aided by Werkhoven’s mother, they were able to find out where she lived. When the money was brought to the woman, who preferred to remain anonymous, she at first was shocked that they had found money inside.

However, she suddenly realized that she had put the money inside the couch cushion, saying that it was her life savings. She then attributed her good fortune to her late husband looking down on her from Heaven.

In gratitude, the woman gave the three roommates $1,000, with the trio hoping to have dinner with the woman’s family at some point in the near future.