Friends Laughed As He Gave Up His Apartment To Live In A Tent- But He Got The Last Laugh

There are many video tours of homes on the internet, but perhaps none quite so intriguing as Bryce Langston’s video tour of his “Lotus Belle” tent, the place he now calls home since giving up his apartment.

Bryce is a member of the “Tiny House Team”, individuals who are passionate about living their lives in as simple a way as possible. His friends all made fun of him when he announced his decision to leave his comfortable apartment and spend the rest of his life living in a tent. But now Bryce is having the last laugh.

While the tent looks very plain and serviceable from the outside, once a visitor steps inside they are amazed by the gorgeous décor and wide array of amenities that Bryce included in this one room domicile. Not only does he enjoy access to running water, he also has a full bed, a wood stove for cooking, a fireplace to eliminate the chill on cold and rainy nights, as well as a table for dining and chairs for relaxing.

Bryce carefully constructed his tent using bamboo walls to be both environmentally friendly as well as energy efficient. He designed a wooden walkway that leads from the tent into a bathroom enclosure that is separate from the main dwelling.

The toilet is compostable so no traditional plumbing is necessary and the bathroom is also equipped with running water. Now Bryce Langston is living big, and rent free, in a comfortable, well-appointed tent while his formerly laughing friends are no longer questioning his sanity.

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