Former Lawyer of Donald Trump Describes What It’s Really Like To Work With Him

Former Lawyer of Donald Trump Describes What It’s Really Like To Work With Him

Donald Trump has made many acquaintances throughout his years as a businessman. In an attempt discourage a Trump presidency, people from his past have shared important stories with the public. Most recently, former Trump layer Thomas M. Wells came forward about the republican presidential nominee’s true nature.

Mr. Wells began working for “The Donald” back in 1987, acting as his personal counsel during the construction of the “Trump Center” in New Jersey. During this time, he got to know Mr. Trump on a personal level. At the beginning of their relationship, Mr. Wells thought the billionaire to be charming. But the more time they spent together, the more he realized Trump’s nasty character.

Once while riding in a limousine, “to a meeting with the editorial board of a New Jersey newspaper in which my married client sought to regale me with the number and quality of eligible young women who in his words “want me.” I was just plain shocked and embarrassed, but I kept smiling. I wanted and needed this client happy.“

He goes on to explain why Trump isn’t presidential material, saying he lies constantly and that his “his ego seems to know no bounds.” Mr. Wells believes that Trump’s goal is to become America’s new king. It is apparent that Donald Trump would rather leave the thinking up to someone else, much like a ruling king. Trump himself says he makes his decisions “with very little knowledge other than the knowledge I already had.”

Mr. Wells goes on to explain that Trump is a man who thinks it is perfectly acceptable to make fun of others based on appearances and disabilities. He degrades women, boasts about “winning,” and promotes hate. “Donald Trump’s version of America does not include folks not like him.”

It is safe to say that Mr. Wells will not be voting for Trump in the upcoming election. His message serves as a warning for all Americans, further stating exactly why a “President Trump” would be horrifying.

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