For Over 2 Decades He Saved Every Coin To Pay For An Engagement Ring. When He Goes To Buy One? WOW

Most people love a good romantic story that pulls at the heart strings. A wedding is a special time where two people in love make a commitment to each other for better or worse. Liang Liang is a thirty-year-old Chinese man who believed in love at all costs.

He wanted nothing more than to marry the woman of his dreams. He loved her so deeply and passionately that nothing could deter his love and dedication from that special girl.

Liang met his fiancé in middle school and the two fell madly in love. He promised her that one day he would marry her and make her the happiest girl alive. However, life took them down different paths and they were in different cities and living different lives.

Liang never forgot the promise he made to her. No, matter where life took him, she was always on his mind. In fact, each and every day he took every opportunity to put back money for that special day.

For 20 years, Liang put all the spare change he could get his hands on into a home-based savings system for a ring. He saved for two decades to buy her a ring worthy of her hand in marriage. As he approached almost two thousand dollars, he felt it was time to pop the question. He bought her a ring that was worth $1,933. The story gets even better from here.

The day that Liang decided to cash in the coins was memorable for many reasons. First, it took him half of a day to count and roll all the coins. He didn’t use a bank account, nor did he entrust anyone with his money. He kept it in his house in tin-cans. The 150 kilograms of coins was quite an undertaking for one man. When he was done counting his fortune, he took a tricycle to the local jewelry store to make his purchase. He went to three stores in total. The first two stores refused to take his coins, even though they were neatly wrapped in rollers. However, the third time was the charm. The last jewelry store was touched by his story and his dedication and this Fuyang, Anhui Jewelry shop allowed him to make a purchase with his change.

The employees couldn’t believe their eyes when he brought this many coins into their shop. However, they quickly were touched by his moving story and forgot about all the hassle dealing with change would be. It took four employees to sort through all the change and make the transaction. He even made the front page of the South China Morning Post. The owner of the store was so touched by his love that he put the stack of coins on display in his store to prove to others that true love does exist.

Liang never lost track of the goal he had of making her his wife. He picked the perfect ring and proposed to his childhood sweetheart. She instantly said yes to his proposal. What love and dedication one man had for someone who he thought to be irreplaceable? No matter what came his way he never, ever thought about any other woman for such a long time. Forget candies, roses, and all other acts of sentiment; Liang set the bar high for men all over the world. If more men were this dedicated, perhaps there would be less divorce and more love stories.

He is now a hero in his town. The woman he gave the ring too, she burst into tears and can’t wait to be his wife. True life love stories are always the best kind.

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