Fluffy Baby Panda Tests Out His New Toy – His Reaction? You’ll Fall In LOVE!

It is hard to argue that Pandas are among the cutest animals on the planet, and young pandas are capable of some of the most adorable interactions. These fluffy little animals not only gentle, bamboo eating bumbuses, but they are also endearingly clumsy.

While you might not be able to catch sight of these cute animals in the wild very easily, there are a number of places you can observe them in zoos emulating their natural habitat … like the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. This center is a haven for pandas and panda-lovers alike, where the animals are provided the utmost care.

Visitors are able to carefully watch and witness the animals as they interact in a habitat that is designed to be just like their natural living environment with a few advancements that is. Visitors to the exhibit were able to catch this little one enjoying a fun activity as well as the baby’s reaction to the new adventure. The baby panda was actually caught on camera rocking back and forth on a child’s rocking horse.

The baby panda was struggling slightly, but the scene seemed somewhat uneventful until his clumsiness came into play. As the just barely one-year-old struggles to totter back and forth, it appears that he doesn’t have a good grasp on the toy or his balance, and the panda tumbles to one side. The little tike was not harmed by the fall, but all the onlookers responded with the loving, “Awww!” nonetheless. Hopefully with a little more practice, the panda will learn how to successfully play with his new toy.

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