Flash Mob Brings Love and Money to Mother of Four, Battling Cancer

Get your tissues ready. You’re not going to believe what this flash mob did for an Idaho mother suffering from cancer.

Amanda Kofoed was diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkin’s lymphoma just a few months ago. She didn’t know how her family of six was going to afford to pay for her treatment, especially since they don’t have health insurance. She started a GoFundMe and reached out to friends and family, but she never expected to raise all the money she would need.

In a lucky coincidence, her husband is a lifelong friend with the founder of Praynksters. This Idaho-based group pulls kind, loving pranks on people who need a boost. They knew they had to step in and help Kofoed’s family.

They asked Amanda and her husband to meet them at a local coffee shop. The plan was to make a thank you video for donators to the GoFundMe account. At least, that’s what the Kofoeds thought.

In reality, Praynksters was pulling their most generous stunt yet. Over 200 members of the group flooded through the shop and put cash on the table. Almost $15,000 were raised for the Kofoeds.

Amanda Kofoed was “overwhelmed” by the prank, saying she hadn’t seen some of the participants in over 10 years and realized she was “surrounded by so many people that love” her family.

She plans to return to school soon to finish her elementary education degree. She wants everyone to know how blessed she and her husband feel to be supported by so many members of her community.

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