Find Out Why White Wine Drives Women Crazy. This Is Why I Won’t Give My Wife Any!

Find Out Why White Wine Drives Women Crazy. This Is Why I Won’t Give My Wife Any!

Obviously, enough alcohol will make anyone act a bit out of character. Lighter alcoholic beverages such as wine are often used as a social lubricant for just that reason. A small amount of alcohol is usually a great way of bringing people out of their shell. However, light beverages aren’t always so subtle.

Many women have discovered that white wine, in particular, drives them a bit crazy. The reason why white wine seems to hit women harder than expected can be explained by a number of different factors. One of the most significant is simply that women presented with white wine will tend to overindulge. The slightly bitter taste of red wine, for example, ensures that most people will simply sip it throughout an extended period of time.

On the other hand, white wine has a sugary taste that’s almost a close relative of soda. It’s far easier for a woman to drink her white wine in the same way that she would any random can of cola. Except that the white wine has far more of a mind altering effect than soda would. There’s also an issue with how alcohol works with a woman’s physiology. A woman might be the same general weight as a man, but she’ll have a drastically different body composition.

And that different body type which women possess is far more conducive to rapid absorption of alcohol. Women also tend to eat less than men, which means that alcohol gets into their system even faster.

Additionally, women drink white wine far more than men do. So if a woman is drinking, the chances are high that it will be white wine. And just the act of drinking anything will mean it has more of a kick than for her male peers because of the previously mentioned factors. Add in the fact that she’s going to be drinking it very quickly, and it’s easy to see why a woman will often become so quickly intoxicated when drinking white wine.

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