Find Out The Foods you can eat WEEKS after they’re expiration date

Find Out The Foods you can eat WEEKS after they’re expiration date

Before packaged labels, humans used their developed senses of sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste to determine if a food would be safe to eat. Now, over-reliance of companies labeling, many consumers throw out their food well before its is ready to spoil.

Flexibility and common sense are key to determining whether a food will be ready for consumption and always use your strictest scrutiny; like the ancient kitchen adage goes: “When in doubt, throw it out.” Luckily years of trials and errors and there are some reliable tips and tricks to determine whether a certain food item can pass for edible.

Foods that make the cut for having a longer shelf life than posted are tomatoes, eggs, and beef. Looking for sights of mold, extremely mushy textures, or foul smells will help determine whether to say no to these sturdy foods. One tip for eggs is to place it in a glass of water if it floats then toss it in the trash.

Foods that should be highly scrutinized typically fall under the poultry and dairy categories. Yoghurt can typically spoils fairly close to its date so check for any signs of mold or off flavoring, and eat past the date at your own risk. Poultry degrades much quicker than beef or fish so check for rotting flesh by sight or smell. Although company sell-by or use-by dates are good reminders, they are not law. Use common judgement and you could save a lot in food costs over the year.

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