Female Officer Stops Young Girl On The Street – When She Does THIS Everyone Is Taken Aback…

Recently, footage appeared in social media sites recording a spontaneous, happy moment in Sanford, Florida. A group of local children accosted a young policewoman who had stopper her patrol car near a sidewalk. They asked her to dance with them.

The video demonstrated that the policewoman knew how to dance as well as the people in the neighborhood. With considerable amusement, she demonstrated the dance steps to a rap song. Her movements delighted the children. A group of boys and girls who appeared to range in age from elementary school to high school clustered at the side of the curb, smiling and laughing in amusement as the young white policewoman demonstrated that she, too, could dance to the music.

As the demonstration continued, several younger children joined in the dancing. They appeared to really appreciate the officer’s spontaneity and attention. The brief episode, caught on camera, demonstrated a friendly, happy exchange between a uniformed officer and the local community.

Around the United States, many police departments and law enforcement agencies have endeavored to improve relations between their officers and local neighborhoods patrolled by the police. Encouraging friendly interactions with local people at a grassroots level helps many officers perform their jobs more effectively. The young policewoman in Florida likely helped the children she entertained develop a positive perspective about her work.

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