Federal Judges Refuse Outright to Reinstate Trump’s Unconstitutional Immigration Ban

To say the Trump administration has had a rocky start to this term, would be a severe understatement. Trump recently realized the full force of the judiciary branch when a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals panel, consisting of three judges, unanimously decided to uphold a court order to stop the the enforcement of Trump’s executive blocking Muslim immigrants from seven middle eastern countries. This was the most widely publicized defeat over the executive order yet – and hopefully it is only the beginning.

The three judges were quick to reject arguments, stating that the government had not demonstrated any merit to the appeal and there was no chance of irreparable harm as a result of the the failure to stay the decision. The decision was outlined in a  29 page document explaining in detail the legality of their decision.

Trump, in his perfectly childish manner, responded to the decision by tweeting: “See you in court.” This is a confusing an altogether substances response on multiple levels…

This ruling was only meant to decide whether or not the original ruling by Judge Robart, who made the lower court decision earlier, was justifiable. There was little need for the discussion of the legal or constitutional merits of the executive order, which allowed the judges to make a decision in a very reasonable way.

Even people who support Trump’s administration have criticized the decision for the urgency with which it was thrown together and passed into law. Especially since no immigrant from any of the countries in Trump’s ban have been responsible for terrorist attacks against Americans.

Not surprisingly, the controversy goes even deeper – because many of the Muslim majority Middle Eastern nations NOT included in Trump’s travel ban, are publicly tied to terrorism, like Saudi Arabia, the country that brought us the terrorists responsible for the attacks of 9/11. Why aren’t places like Saudi Arabia or Egypt included in this ban? Trump has business there and doesn’t want to upset his business interests. Every country excluded in his travel ban that is Muslim majority has links to Trump enterprises. Already this corrupt narcissist’s greed is affecting his leadership and his policy – and yet we’re supposed to give him a chance, right? A chance to do what?

The Justice Department’s claim that the executive order was meant to “protect the American people” is total nonsense – they only wanted to control the influx of Muslims. The Trump administration seems to merely think the entire country will kneel to their will and bend to their warped concepts of right and wrong – but we will not. The resistance is strong already and only gaining momentum .

The decision by these judges is sure to be the first of many. Laws apply to every citizen, including the president, and there are checks and balances in place to stop people like him from turning this country into a Trump-dynasty dictatorship.

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