Federal Judge Calling Trump’s Legitimacy As President Into Question

Federal Judge Calling Trump’s Legitimacy As President Into Question

Many Americans reject Donald Trump as their president on a moral basis. But U.S. District Judge Dan Polster offers a legal reason behind his own disavowal of the president’s legitimacy. In a speech to the Cleveland Anti-Defamation League, Polster explained that a president’s legitimacy rests on the oath in which they swear to protect the Constitution of the United States.

On a windy day, Trump stood at the steps of the Capitol Building and made that traditional promise. However, making that promise is more than a tradition: the words carry a burden of responsibility and a promise to the American people.

According to Polster, when Trump referred to the judge who ruled against Trump’s travel ban as a “so-called judge,” he undermined both the constitution and the presidency. Although Polster believes that criticizing a judge’s decision is appropriate, Trump made a disturbing error by suggesting that the judge’s decision was politically biased rather than constitutionally based. Trump’s words clearly undermined the integrity of the judicial branch. By undermining the judicial branch Trump undermined the constitution, which is in direct violation of his oath to protect and defend it.

Since taking office Trump’s attacks on the media have heightened. The attacks serve to undermine the integrity of media outlets, personalities and even the facts upon which media stories rest. It seems that Trump has now turned his attention to undermining the judiciary branch. Analysts have noted that Trump is undermining the two entities that have always served to check presidential overreach.

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