FEC Goes After Donald Trump For Over 1,000 Violations of Campaign Finance Laws

FEC Goes After Donald Trump For Over 1,000 Violations of Campaign Finance Laws

Honesty, transparency and an open mind are the things for which most people look when it comes to the leader of the United States. When the nation is in search of the next president, they want someone on whom they can depend, and the country’s leader must always uphold the values of the American people. The news of Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential race had a strong impact on people from all walks of life.

While some people were quick to celebrate his victory, others did not take long to start protests, attempting to change the course of events. With the spotlight on his every move, Trump is now on the receiving end of an investigation. The Federal Election Commission, or FEC, is accusing the president-elect of accepting fraudulent donations. As the investigation takes place, citizens are wondering what it means to them and the future of the country. If you want to get a better understanding of these charges, it’s important to learn about the donation process and the laws that regulate it.

Super PAC

Super PACs allow people to contribute funds to support their favorite candidate’s presidential campaign. Some view the use of super PACs as being part of the democratic process, but others view them as a tool to manipulate the system. Because some people and corporations can donate more than others, regulators have placed a $2,700 limit on these campaign donations. The problem, though, is that the enforcement of that restriction is not as effective as it could be, and it appears that Trump and his supporters have taken advantage of the lack of oversight.

After reviewing the campaign’s finances, the FEC believes that more than 1,000 trump supporters have violated the donation limit. If the allegations are true, Trump has received over $1 million in illegal funds. Many people were shocked when they heard the news for the first time, but it might be the tip of the iceberg.

Additional Accusations

In addition to the other accusations, Trump’s supporters are also being investigated for another crime. To keep the process fair, donors should not expect to receive special treatment in return for their contributions. When a candidate promises favors in exchange for a donation, the candidate can be charged with bribery. To discover the truth, a reporter went undercover as a wealthy businessman from China. An undercover video shows a Trump supporter promising the reporter that he will receive credit if he donates $2 million to the campaign.

Even though many people are outraged when they discover illegal campaign and donation practices, illegal donations are more common than you might think. In fact, the FEC has called out Barack Obama and others for accepting fraudulent donations in the past. After calling a candidate out, the FEC rarely takes further action to resolve the problem, and some citizens still don’t understand why the regulatory agencies look the other way. So if the accusations are proven to be true, people can expect that nothing will be done. The presidential candidates have no reason to change their tactics as a result.

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