“F*ck N*ggers” – Racist ProTrump Graffiti Found In Schools Across The Country

“F*ck N*ggers” – Racist ProTrump Graffiti Found In Schools Across The Country

Tensions in America are at an all-time high after Donald Trump’s presidential victory on November 8th. Many news outlets have reported on the various anti-Trump “Not My President” rallies across major cities in the USA. Many average Americans, however, have probably not seen the latest displays of racism across the nation following Trump’s victory.

People in Minnesota reported on white supremacist graffiti found in the Maple Grove High School bathroom. These messages were found both in bathroom stalls and on doors to different Maple Grove restrooms. Just a few of the hurtful phrases written include “#GobacktoAfrica,” “#WhiteAmerica,” and even the N-word. Security officials are still searching for the person or persons responsible for these hateful messages.

One reporter who has been following various hate crimes since the very beginning of the Trump campaign is none other than Shaun King. For those who don’t know, King is a well-respected author for the New York Post. King now reports on cases of racial intimidation and violence after Trump’s presidential win. Anyone concerned about these racist incidents should follow King’s Twitter page.


A few of the stories King reported on include a group of children in Shasta High School, which is in Redding, CA, that apparently brought in “deportation letters” for their Latino classmates. The strong Latino community in California is urged to stay strong during the Trump presidency.

King also reported on a couple of white students in Southern Illinois University who wore blackface and took a selfie in front of the Confederate Flag after hearing about Trump’s victory. These pictures were posted online and have since gone viral.

One image King sent that has been a rallying cry for liberals across America is one he found in Wellsville, NY. This picture, which King posted to his Twitter page, shows a swastika with the words “make America white again” across it. This picture has been retweeted well over 4,000 times. However, sensitive members of the Wellsville community have since come together and painted over this hateful message. They say they don’t want the world to judge their town by the hateful actions of one extremist.

Yet another story King reported on includes a story out of a high school in Pennsylvania where students were chanting white supremacist rhetoric. According to school officials, students were apparently yelling “cotton picker, you’re a n***er, Heil Hitler.” This incident occurred in Southern Lehigh High School.

But there haven’t just been words against groups such as Latinos, African Americans, and Muslims following Trump’s election. There have also been reports of physical assault in various communities. Just one of these attacks occurred at the University of Louisiana. Apparently two Trump supporters assaulted a Muslim woman and forcibly took off her hijab. The perpetrators are currently being interrogated by Louisiana police.

It is especially important in this day and age to protect our children from the all the harsh language being thrown around in politics. These latest events show that students are not ashamed to let their racism loose with a Trump victory, but the American virtues of tolerance and self-discipline should never be forgotten, no matter who is in the White House.

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